Were In Love Boygenius Song Lyrics

You could absolutely break my heart
That’s how I know that we’re in love
I don’t need the symbol of a scar
So put down the knife, we’re not swappin’ blood
Isn’t it enough that we stripped down to our skin?

Cold and porcelain like bathers in a painting
And I told you of your past lives, every man you’ve ever been
It wasn’t flattering, but you listened like it mattered
I feel crazy in ways I never say
Will you still love me if it turns out I’m insane?

I know what you’ll say, but it helps to hear you say it anyway
Some October in the future, I’ll run out of trash TV
And I’ll be feeling lonely, so I’ll walk to karaoke
Sing the song you wrote about me, never once checking the words
I hope that no one sings along, I hope that I’m not a regular
Damn, that makes me sad, it doesn’t have to be like that
If you rewrite your life, may I still play a part?

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In the next one, will you find me?
I’ll be the boy with the pink carnation
Pinned to my lapel, who looks like hell and asks for help
And if you do, I’ll know it’s you

I can’t imagine you without the same smile in your eyes
There is something about you that I will always recognize
And if you don’t remember, I will try to remind you
Of the hummingbirds, you know the ones (I know the ones)
And the baby scorpion

And the winter lunar halo
And the walk we took in the Redwoods
I could go on and on and on, and I will
Go on and on and on until
It all comes back