Ren Animal Flow Song Lyrics


Animal flow
You’re in the mind of a cannibal king
Where chaos and anarchy roam
And trouble is bubbling under the skin
A certain insanity shows
Whenever I pick up the mic and begin
Whenever these words that I write
With my pen come alive

They ignite like I pulled out the pin
Animal flow (urgh)
Out in the jungle, I’m ready for war
I’m beating your brains with a bat
And I’m swinging it back
And it’s booky, I bite ’cause I’m bored
Lord of the Cannibals, bro

A murderous mind that you can’t ignore
I wait and react with combat on the counter attack
I’m the king of the jungle, I roar
Animal flow
I’m the flow CEO
I’ve got mountains of murderous rhymes
Mountain volcanic
I blow and cause mayhem and panic
There’s no where to run from my mind
I’m an impassible foe

Never slowing, just growing
And flowing with intricate lines
Yes, I will dig in my teeth
When I bite like a beast
Blood, I drink it like wine
Animal flow (urgh)
Out in the wilderness I will be king
Sit on my throne, I’m the Lord of the Rings
Out on my own, I’m a terrible thing

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Animal skins, over my shoulders like bling
They will be clothing my sins
I came to win, over and over again
I take your life with a grin
Mary had a little lamb
Who’s fleece was white as snow
It made the blood look so much redder

When I slit its throat
Watch it drip, drop, drip, drop
Until the ground was soaked
Oh, Mary, Mary
Quite contrary
How the blood it flows
Horrific, explicit
I bleed parasitic

Acid, I’m eating your flesh (yum-yum-yum-yum)
Don’t fidget, I’m livid
Not mentally with it
I get kind of sick when I’m stressed (yum-yum-yum-yum)

I am the eye, I am the storm
I am the fury, I am the scorn
I am the belly, I am the beast
Yes I am, yes I am, yes I am

Yes, I’m an animal
Yes, I’m an animal
Yes, sometimes the things I do are irrational
Yes, sometimes the things I do are quite radical
Yes, I will be waging war on the capital
Yes, I will burn the Houses of Parliament down

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‘Cause hypocrites – they burn quite easily, wow
Burn and pillage it all to the ground
Your illegitimate king lost his crown
Animal flow

Show no mercy under my rule
I won’t be kind, I will be cruel
Drown all my foes in a paddling pool
Yes, I’m tyrannical bro, so

Never mistake a man for a fool
I’ll take your ignorance right back to school
And teach you a lesson for testing my cool