Packgod Roast Song Lyrics

Bro, watch out bro! I’m tryna-

Bro, you’re ugly as shit, what the fuck?

Ayy, bruh-

God Damn
Bro, you ain’t got waves on your head, boy, you got a goddamn tidal sequence on yo’ head, yo’ ass ugly as shit
Bro, look at your emo ass, bruh
If you don’t get your, “I’m at Burger King, with my Burger Queen, can I please get a large fry?” looking ass and look at yo’ nipples
Boy, you like you shoot beams out your nipples
(Pew, pew, pew, pew, pew, pew)
Pointy ass, nipple ass, garden gnome nose lookin’ ass nipple boy
You ugly as shit, shut yo’ dirty ass up, bruh
Say something, bruh

What are you t-?

Say something, bruh

[IShowSpeed, PACKGOD]
Who the (What?) fuck are you?


[PACKGOD IShowSpeed]
Who the fuck am I?
Bitch, what the fuck? don’t get your IShowSpeed,
Body built like an anal bead
Hеadphone wire
Deflatеd tire
Farted in the mic and called it fire
Chickenpox, dirty socks,
Orange crayon, Peanut Butter Jelly Jam
Dirty toe, sloppy joe, (Bitch, shut the fu-)
Looking ass up
You ugly as shit
Shut your stupid ass up
Boy, you dirty as hell, bruh
And if you don’t get yo’, 22 Savage, Moly cabbage Went to therapy to quit your habit of having unprotected butt sex with obese rabbits
Refrigerator is filled with maggots
Father abuses you with his tennis racket
School gave you a Chromebook, you tried to hack it
Semi-Automatic soy sauce packet
Roaches are breeding inside yo’ attic
Bust down grandma, let me smack it looking ass
Boy, you ugly as shit
If you don’t get your, “Half a fry, cherry pie, Bill Nye The Science Guy
Looking ass back you ugly as shit, you dirty as hell
You look like you were born inside of a handicapped parking space
With yo’ stupid ass bruh, boy, you stupid as hell, bruh
Your dad, old lady getting robbed in the street

Shut up-

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With a coming up this boy-

Shut up-

Bro what?

Be quiet, Just shut the fuck up

Bro, Messi dickrider?


Bitch what the- Bitch what the- Bro, your mom look like Wreck-It-Ralph with estrogen implants
Looking ass mama boy
You dirty as shit
You download Pirated FL Studio, made a bass-boosted Nightcore remix out of your parents sex-tape
That shit was like “Ah, ah, ah, ah, bwa, bwa, chi chi chi chi chi chi chi chi chi chi, bwa bwa bwa bwa “Oh yeah Harold,” bwa bwa bww bwa”
Look at yo’ stupid ass, bro, you ugly as hell
Yo’ eyebrows look like boomerangs bro, boy, you ugly as shit
Look at yo’ nose, you looking like a Goomba off of Mario Bros, bruh
Stupid ass bitch

[IShowSpeed, over PACKGOD]

You got wire-connected headphones, boy, stop playing, bruh
You was in your basement last night, you said, “Blood demon art, musical precision,”

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Bro shut up!

Bro, shut the hell up when I’m talking to you, bruh


Boy, you look like you took a brick
You look like you brush your teeth with a pickly
At Thanksgiving dinner you picked your moms vibrator
Jumped on the kitchen table and said,
Boy, look at your neck, your neck look like a Windex bottle
(Squriut, squirt)
Everytime you lift your head up with your stupid ass, bruh


You look like a termite with scoliosis
With yo’ stupid ass boy, boy you ugly as shit



Shut the fuck up. Shut yo ass up


Can you shut the fuck up? Who the fuck are you talking to bruh?
Fuck is wrong man?

Bro, sit yo’ bitch ass-
Bro, look at your pants!
Look at your pants!
You look like Shaggy from Scooby-Doo right now
Hold up, hold up

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Fuck this nigga