He Said Lana Rey Will You Serve Me Lemonade Song Lyrics

Alone in a feeling
Of not enough
Or way too much pain
Writing slight variations

He Said Lana Rey Will You Serve Me Lemonade

Of songs
That I couldn’t explain
So I hit the high road
And I flipped
And I spun

When I crashed
And got too turned around
To ever find my way back
And no one seems to know
Where the hell we are going

Or if we’ll even notice or care
When we’ve finally arrived
I can’t say anything
I know

Without knowing
But if you make it to heaven
Feel free
To drop me a line
And now they’ll be running

Coming for me
In my dreams
Ten thousand fears with swords
All charging at me
And I can’t defeat them
I’m not silly enough
To still try

But I pray
That they keep us all safe
When we keep them
In mind
I know it’s hard
To take the hand

Of some mystical savior
If you’ve fallen apart in the dark
Or your heartbeat’s a sin
There’s no words

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That I can say to you
That could save you
Because the greatest truths of them all

Always come from within
I said the greatest truths of the all

Always come from within