Fake Luv Song Lyrics


(This shit raw, man, I’m
Recordin’ this shit, man, come on)
(All Topside shit, why not?) ayy
Yeah I know how I be (Ah) Fake Luv 
Life full speed, got a pocket full of cash

I won’t listen to a thing
Got it all figured out, chasin’ money
Fuck a dream (yeah, yeah)
Fuckin’ bitches by the twos
Puttin’ on for the team
I was wrong a couple times but

I don’t regret a thing
Man I started out with nothin’
But I’m gettin’ everything
Man I’m married to the streets
Just without the wedding ring (Uh, huh)
I swear you can keep the love man

That shit don’t mean a thing
(Fuck that shit)
Everybody, everybody wants love baby, love
Yeah (Just took my last sip
I’m done with this shit)

I’m runnin’ laps through the mall shoppin’
Fatigue love
It ain’t hard to spot a broke bitch
Her weave bold stuff ’em all full of racks
Shorty with the team though got me cuttin’

Sellin’ everything to get the cheese home
Hell yeah, I kicked the drink
I’m still on the P’s though (Perc)
We was ridin’ ’round with white
Ask my nigga Weez bro
I made it through it, man I’m blessed

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I ain’t even sneeze though
Push the Benz through Biscayne
Tryna see what Sleez on (Sleez)
Rap politics, shit lame, but it’s mandatory
(I hate it)

Rappin’ my life, public saddenin’ stories
Patches on your jeans cost eleven-fourty
(Amiri) i ain’t eat this ten on

Me like I’m Eric Gordon (Bitch)
Everybody, everybody wants love baby, love
Y’all know, y’all know, y’all know
(Everybody, everybody)
(Everybody, everybody) fuck it

(Everybody, everybody, Everybody)
Everybody wanna be something (yeah)
Jumping up with the stick
Think I see something (Annoyin’)
Got that RP dope, put yo’ feet on it
(Put yo’ feet on it)

Then we mashing out Detroit
Just to eat somethin’ (Chris)
Yeah I come from the struggle
But I keep money (I keep it)
Once they find out you sweet

Then the streets on you
Gave her RP dick, she gon’ leave homie
I can get a million clicks if I breathe on it
(yeah) they want a feature, I ain’t do
It, I’m a opp, man, this beef funny
(It’s funny) i could fuck the little bitch

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You got for three hundred (Or two)
Gang move a whole stack
Give me three Sundays (Facts)
I’m just now gettin’ back
It took three summers
Everybody, everybody wants love baby, love

(That shit crazy)
I had to read between the lines
It ain’t adding up
I put the bullshit aside and

Went and ran it up
She put her soul in my hands
I just asked to fuck (Damn)
She see the future in my eyes
I’m just having fun
Casino robbed my brother clean

Spent his last two hundred (Bitch)
I don’t wanna hear it nigga, go do somethin’
(I don’t wanna hear it nigga)
How you rappin’ money
You ain’t spending nothin’? (How?)

How you rappin’ chickens
(How you rappin’ chickens
How you rappin’ chickens)