Freshwind Song Lyrics

Freshwind Lyrics

Spirit sound, rushing wind Fire of God fall within Holy Ghost Breathe on us, we pray As we repent, turn from sin Revival embers smouldering Breath of God Fan us into flame We need a fresh wind The fragrance of Heaven Pour Your Spirit out Pour Your Spirit out For hearts that burn with holy … Read more

Freak In You Song Lyrics

Freak In You Lyrics

Room full of beautiful women but I want one Room full of women and they notice me Now all they wanna listen to is Jodeci (ooh) Freak in you (freak in you) Freak in you (freak in you) Is there a freak in you? (Freak in you) Come and talk to me, oh (oh) Quick, … Read more

Forward Sbtrkt Song Lyrics

Forward Sbtrkt Lyrics

Baby gotta get yourself together (yeah) Pushing it, through the shit Moving till you good and it’s forward, forward Keep on pushing it moving till we good and its forward, forward ‘Till we get right back, yeah I’m just tryna need somebody (I might just need somebody out there) Trying to be somebody Keep on … Read more

Forever Reign Song Lyrics

Forever Reign Lyrics

You are good, You are good When there’s nothing good in me You are love, You are love On display for all to see You are light, You are light When the darkness closes in You are hope, You are hope You have covered all my sin You are peace, You are peace When my … Read more

Foggy Dew Song Lyrics

Foggy Dew Lyrics

As down the glen one Easter morn To a city fair rode I There armed lines of marching men In squadrons passed me by No pipe did hum No battle drum did sound its loud tattoo But the Angelus Bells o’er the Liffey swells Rang out in the foggy dew Right proudly high in Dublin … Read more

Flower Shop Song Lyrics

Flower Shop Lyrics

It’s a beautiful day, she’s been crying all night Aw, there’s tears in her blue, bloodshot in mine This bender’s been bending, it’s hell bound to break My baby’s had all she can take Mister, I’ll take your roses If you cut off the thorns, she can’t take no more I’ll buy violets and daisies … Read more

Fight The Feeling Song Lyrics

Fight The Feeling Lyrics

Look, oh, whoa Uh, okay Women, how’d you get so good at hiding your feelings? Pretending, pretending you’re fine when really you’re bending You can’t keep patching up your pain taking shots at the bar Know exactly how you feel, I know what’s in your heart Young nigga came a long way with so many … Read more

Fields Athenry Song Lyrics

Fields Athenry Lyrics

By a lonely prison wall I heard a young girl calling “Michael, they have taken you away For you stole Trevelyan’s corn So the young might see the morn Now a prison ship lies waiting in the bay” Low lie the fields of Athenry Where once we watched the small free birds fly Our love … Read more

February 28Th 2016 Song Lyrics

February 28Th 2016 Lyrics

February 28Th 2016 Throw that bottle of whiskey under the seat Light a cigarette so he don’t smell the weed If he asks me to blow I’ma tell his punk ass to take me to jail I’ve been here time and time before Rocky Mountains to Midway with every whore In a twenty-five mile circumference … Read more