Belong To The City Song Lyrics

If I knew I was wastin’ my time
Wouldn’t of wasted my time
With all these shoulda coulda wouldas
I’m in her ear one time

Tryna tell her how I ride
But she heard it all, yeah
I know she heard it all, yeah
Girl, I can change your life (change your life)

But you heard it (but you heard it all)
But you heard it all
I’m from the city
Where you ain’t gotta love to love

You ain’t gotta love to fuck
Girl, I’m just tryna say
I’m from the city, ooh
So don’t believe what they say

Just believe what they do tell
You can’t tell these bitches nothing
She belongs to the city
They gone, they gone, they gone

They was lookin’ for somethin’
She belongs to the city, oh
(Oh, yeah, you know)

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